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Who I work with

Looking to brand your Youtube channel with unique graphics to make yourself stand out? I can help with branding, channel art, streaming overlays & graphics & much more! Check out some previous Youtubers I have worked with.

I worked with Clayton Crowley to develop a custom illustrated avatar, channel banner, & end screen animation for his Youtube channel.

“I couldn’t be happier! …I can’t imagine anyone making anything better. Thank you again for your help, you’ve got an awesome talent and your stuff is A+”
-Clayton Crowley

illustration of an avatar in a tuxedo for Clayton Crowley
a page from clayton crowley's brand style guide
illustration of a man sitting in a den with a lot of basketball stuff on the walls

Let’s Brand Your Youtube Channel!

Youtube Services

Work with me to develop a complete Youtube channel brand. This includes everything from character design and custom hand-drawn graphics to Livestream overlays and alert animations! Whether you already have a vision for your Youtube channel or need help generating ideas, I am with you for every step! I love combining my unique drawing style with awesome client ideas to create a unique Youtube channel brand together!

Youtube Channel Branding

Together we will develop a custom brand for your Youtube channel. Basic branding projects include 1 finished logo design or 1 finished character design. We will round out the brand with color and typography standards packaged neatly in a Brand Style Guide. Contact me to learn more!

You Will Receive

Logo Design

  • 1 Logo Design
  • 1 Brand Style Guide (Brand Rule Book)
  • 1 typographic system (2 fonts)
  • 1 color palette
  • 3 Logo orientations (Verticle, Horizontal, Solo Mark)
  • Vector version of logo
  • .png exports of logo


Character Design

  • 1 Character Design
  • 3 Character Illustrations (1 pose)
    • Full body
    • Midshot
    • Headshot
  • 1 Vector Illustration (Same pose)
    • Full Body
  • 1 Brand Style Guide (Brand Rule Book)
  • 1 typographic system (2 fonts)
  • 1 color palette

My Process

  1. Concept brainstorm meeting (Virtual)
  2. Initial concept design
  3. Concept review meeting
  4. Concept edits
  5. Color/Typography brainstorm meeting
  6. Color/Type concepts
  7. Color/Type Edits
  8. Brand Style Guide
  9. Final Logo/Character exports

Custom Alert Animation GIFs

Every good stream has some cool custom alert animations when people subscribe or follow their Youtube channel. I will work with you to develop custom Youtube alert animation GIFs based on your individual needs. These kinds of projects are particularly fun after working together on developing a character or mascot for the channel! Contact me to learn more!

Types of alert animation GIFs

  • New follower
  • New subscriber
  • New donation
  • Superchat

Modular Stream Overlays

People will get bored with your Youtube stream if you don’t have some dope custom stream overlays that match your brand. We can work together to develop a system of modular stream overlays that can be reused and combined for multiple unique Youtube stream overlay layouts!

Why do you need stream overlays?

A stream overlay can make your Youtube stream more aesthetically pleasing, especially when it falls in line with your overall brand. Most Twitch streamers will use a webcam overlay & desktop overlay, at the minimum, to make their stream more interesting and visually appealing for the viewers.

What Kind of overlays do I make?

  • Webcam Overlay
  • Desktop Overlay
  • Chat Overlay
  • Banners
    • New Follower
    • New Subscriber
    • Recent Donations
  • Custom assets based on your brand

Tell Me about your Youtube Channel

I can do all kinds of Twitch related graphic design and branding. Drop me a line and let’s talk about what you need!

Accepted Payment Options:

accepted payment options
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