Gnomish Nom Noms | D&D 5e Module


Due to a bad batch of experimental cookies the Gnomes of the Gnomish Nom Noms bakery have been turned into Gibbering Mouthers! Survive traps, battle the Gingerbread Beholder, and retrieve the mysterious Cookinomicon to craft a cure for the Gnomish bakers! Gnomish Nom Noms is a D&D 5e module available as a PDF.

Dungeon Features:

  • 16 Unique printable item cards
  • 4 Floors with high resolution battle maps
  • 10 craftable Cookinomicon recipes
  • 18 page PDF
  • Plug N’ Play into any adventure
mockup of a sheet of printable potion of healing cards on an ipad

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